Program Development

For New & Renewing Programs

As an innovative leader in polytechnic education, Humber introduces new programs of study in response to evolving economic and societal changes. PPDR collaborates with academic Faculties on the cultivation of new ideas and guides the development process from the concept stage through to the launch of the program. Upon the introduction of a new concept for a program, the following key factors are explored:

  • rationale for the program
  • alignment with Humber’s strategic and academic plans
  • fit with existing program offerings
  • analysis of similar programs offered at other institutions
  • analysis of potential student demand
  • review of labour market need

Developing a new program requires the expertise, insight and support from community partners, industry stakeholders, accrediting and regulatory bodies, and College administrators and faculty. The development of a new program includes the following processes:

New Program Development Infographic

All programs are structured according to the Ontario Qualifications Framework, which outlines provincial requirements such as admission requirements, length of study, and how they prepare graduates for employment and further education. The framework also sets standards for the program content, including how the courses develop:

  • depth and breadth of knowledge
  • conceptual and methodological awareness/research and scholarship
  • communication skills
  • application of knowledge
  • professional capacity/autonomy
  • awareness of limits of knowledge

The College’s degree programs adhere to the Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB) guidelines, while non-degree programs follow the Credential Validation Services (CVS) and the Ontario College Quality Assurance Service.

For more information and support regarding curriculum development, see Teaching & Learning Support.

Forms and Resources

The following template is used for program mapping:

Program Mapping Template

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