November 6th, 2019

HSPP is enhancing and expanding learning opportunities

October 23 marked the first collaboration day for the Humber-Seneca Polytechnic Partnership (HSPP).

Although Humber and Seneca operate as individual learning institutions, when we look at the larger picture, we both provide students with polytechnic education, combining career-focused theory with opportunities for work-integrated learning, applied research and connections to industry. 

In May 2018, we launched this partnership through the signing of a memorandum of understanding. As part of the partnership, two new transfer pathways were identified for students enrolled in the fall 2018 semester.

The collaboration day brought together leaders from both colleges to discuss common initiatives and focus areas that we can support or improve together. I had the opportunity to speak with the group  alongside David Agnew, Seneca’s president, about our vision for the partnership.

For a long time, we have talked about the differentiation of the college sector and our polytechnic identity as individual learning institutions. The HSPP helps us take a step further to create a unified vision for postsecondary education in Ontario. David and I recently spoke to that vision in a recent op-ed.

We created this voluntary partnership to provide more choice and pathways for our students and as a new way to  collaborate. This is not about merging our colleges or eliminating jobs or functions. HSPP focuses on bringing our knowledge and resources together so we can lead by example. Our joint efforts include developing and planning programs, creating a shared curriculum and expanding program offerings. By leveraging our combined strengths as providers of comprehensive polytechnic education, our partnership will provide broader options and greater access to a world-class education.

HSPP will continue to expand on educational opportunities and another collaboration day will be held in February 2020. I look forward to sharing more about our HSPP initiatives soon.