Invoicing & Accounts Payable

Please Note:

The contact information listed below is strictly for vendor and accounts payable inquiries and support.
For student inquiries and support, please refer to the Contact Centre

Name Title Tel. Ext. Email Address Responsibility
Staci Lindsay Manager, Accounts Payable 4215 Manager
Baltej Rakhra Accounts Payable 3371 A to C
Danny White Accounts Payable 4584 D to L
Karlene Nelson Accounts Payable 5587 M to R
Sandra DeRose Accounts Payable 4210 S to Z and #’s


  1. Invoices should be issued before the 15th of each calendar month, for the previous month’s services.
  2. Invoices should be emailed to
  3. The correct purchase order number must be clearly specified on all invoices. Invoice(s) missing a valid purchase order number or related Humber contact name will be returned to the company.