Humber and Crystal Fountains redesign Spyra fountain system


Building on an earlier collaboration investigating the feasibility of underwater radio frequency communications, Humber has tackled a new project with Crystal Fountains. Faculty member Hassan Hassan and Mechanical Engineering students Michael Domenichiello, Arham Khan, and Jacob Pranger worked with Crystal Fountains to redesign Spyra, a fountain system that allows water sequencing on multiple planes. The students designed and developed two working prototypes, converting the Spyra from a pneumatic system to an electromechanical system that is smaller, more efficient, and more cost effective. The team is currently refining these prototypes for production. The redesigned Spyra is expected to hit the market in 2017.


Partner: Crystal Fountains

Project lead: Hassan Hassan, School of Applied Technology

Co-investigator: Muhammad Khan, School of Applied Technology
Students: Michael Domenichiello, Arham Khan, Jacob Pranger