B+H Architects collaborate with Humber students to create N-building redesign

by Aastha Shetty

B+H Architects collaborate with Humber students to create N-building redesignHumber students are working with Architects and Engineers from industry to deliver a new design for the N-building on the Humber North campus.


The students are working with a team of professionals from B+H Architects and Morrison Hershfield Engineers to create a new cladding system for the N-building. The proposal will allow for new student spaces along with providing better insulation and protection from the elements.


Senior associate of B+H Architects, Holly Jordan, said that she believes the project is an opportunity for students to experience some of the real-life challenges they may face as an industry professional.

“I think it’s really great to see the different disciplines merge together in a real world work environment,” she said.


The project was led by Professor Elizabeth Fenuta has assembled a multi-disciplinary industry, faculty, student and administrative team to work on the project from Humber programs such as Architectural Technology, Sustainable Energy and Building Technology, Project Management, Civil Engineering Technology and Supply Chain Management.



The team of students were carefully selected for this project through a competition aimed at improving the design of the N-building. Tanya Lupo and Cameron Mitchelmore were the two competition winners from the Architectural Technology. Tanya says that working with the diverse team of professionals and peers has been a unique experience. “Working with industry representatives who can mentor us and give us feedback. It’s an experience that we couldn’t have gotten unless we were already graduated and in an industry position,” Lupo said.


Cameron Mitchelmore, said his team decided to focus on sustainability and allowing students to reclaim the space.


“We wanted to show that – with a little bit of investment, Humber could really create an invigorating space by getting so much more use out of a building that is not being used to its full extent,” he said.


Lupo and Mitchelmore are part of the team of students who are all working on improving the design and quality of the building.


Jordan said that these “remarkable” students can look forward to more than just great mentorship. She said that there is a real satisfaction in seeing the finished product “activated with students.” She fondly recalled working on the new LRC building’s sustainable design back when it was just a 2D model.


“I love seeing the drawings we have put on paper come to life!”
Research team:

Partner: B+H Architects

Project lead: Elizabeth Fenuta

Co-investigators: Aman Hehar, Cheryl Francis Nurse, Teresa Kutcheran, Elaine Gergolas, Kerry Johnston, Dragos Paraschiv, Vasillaq Xoxa, Angelo Crupi

Students: Cameron Mitchelmore, Tanya Lupo, Curtis Deenah, Mohammed Siddiqui, Seyed Amirmehdi Pooladgar, Jeffrey Taylor, Stefan Bedard, Aaron MacRitchie, Pradip Sharma, Gayatri Mohapatra



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