BreqLabs Inc. works with Humber faculty members and students to develop an ExoGlove prototype

BreqLabs Inc., an Ontario business developing innovative wearable technology, has partnered with Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning to design, test, and validate a prototype of the company’s smart glove or ‘ExoGlove.’ The result of the collaboration is a prototype that integrates BreqLabs’ hand and finger tracking technology with an elegant design that appeals to users.


When the project began, BreqLabs came to Humber with a functional prototype that could convert hand gestures to computer actions—a technology that will make virtual reality and 3D gaming more intuitive and immersive—but in order to move their technology to market, BreqLabs required a product design that appeals to their target market, allows for manufacture in large volumes, and addresses a set of unique design challenges.


Humber faculty members Odin Cappello and Glenn Moffatt and a team of Industrial Design students were able to meet this challenge. Working with the company, students Troydon Rosario, Matt Draimin, Ryan Ebbers, Lauren Thomas, and Jack Morris have designed, tested, and validated a manufacture-ready smart glove that offers aesthetic appeal and comfort while housing BreqLabs hand tracking technology.  Devin LaCroix, a student of Humber’s Film and Television Production program, also worked with BreqLabs to document the design process and create a promotional video that the company will use to generate further investment in the production of the BreqLabs ExoGlove.


Since completing the project, BreqLabs has launched their Beta developer program, allowing developers to create new applications and games that use the BreqLabs ExoGlove. The company has also made numerous public demonstrations and engaged in discussions with manufacturers and investors. The company has significantly expanded its team and is looking forward to presenting the ExoGlove at major gaming conferences in the next year. This collaborative project has not only provided meaningful experiential learning for six students, but has also supplied BreqLabs with a glove that incorporates user requirements and focuses on a favourable esthetic design.