Employee Spotlight: Barath Roy Michel

Written by: Anju Kakkar

photo of Michel with title and logo

Barath Roy Michel, MSW

Project Coordinator, Research & Innovation

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Barath Roy Michels journey from India to Canada results from a desire to build a better future for himself. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Periyar University, India, and obtained a Masters in Social Work, specializing in Human Resources in 2014 from Mar Gregorious College, India. Thats not all; Michels taste for adventure motivated him to complete his Pilot Training in 2009. Yes, we have a pilot amidst us!


Canada, as an opportunity, just seamlessly presented itself to me,” says Michel. Persuaded to come to Canada by family here, he chose a program at Humber College, applied and arrived to complete a Post-Graduate Diploma in Project Management in 2018. Soon after his involvement with a capstone project, an employment opportunity at Humbers Applied Research & Innovation surfaced in 2019. We are glad Michel agreed to join the team. His valued contributions do not go unnoticed, and we thank Michel for his unique ability to link and track several data structure nodes.


Read what Michel has to say about his experience with Humber’s Research & Innovation:

One word: Mind-blowing! Got to do a lot of fun stuff and meet cool people. We have an amazing boss, Dr. Ginger Grant, who basically allows us to experiment with ideas. If the Ideas work, good. If they don’t, we’ll try again.”


Michel is a Certified Innovation 360 Licensed Practitioner (IMYB™) – Innovation Management Yellow Belt, issued by the Innovation 360 Group AB, Sweden in 2020; a certification that can only be attempted upon completing IMBA Innovation Management Basic Accreditation™.  He is well-equipped and possesses the required skills to tackle upcoming projects in 2021 defined by Humbers Research & Innovation.


I link everything back to data; tracking the baseline of innovation,

what does it mean for an organization…”


Michel is responsible for enabling data transparency in the office. He has framed the process flow of grants, trained research assistants on basic data analysis tools, including introduction to Tableau and Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (BI). Currently, he is working on building a predictive model that can help assess the success rate of grant applications that are being submitted and setting up an Online Ideation Platform.


Want to get to know Michel just a little bit more? We thought you might:

– He began his journey with Humber in 2018 as a Project Management Student

– The next certification he has in mind: “Project Management Professional Certification & the Agile Certification.”

– When he is not at work, he is driving around in his car

– Secret talent: Michel shares, “I love to play the guitar, and I sing.”

– A book that most influenced him:  Who Rules the World? God or Satan? – by John Abraham

– Favourite hashtag: #wallstreetbets

– When online, the most visited platform/site: YouTube and Facebook

– Research is, Michel states, “Part of life!”


Benefits of Accreditation as an Innovation360 Licensed Practitioner

1. Gain access to the world´s largest innovation database and leading analytic and management online tools for innovation management and growth

2. Unlock high-value templates and tools for insights, analysis, design and implementation of innovation and growth

3. Leverage a global network for business development, collaboration and personal branding

4. Deploy the leading ideation platform, Ideation360, for prototyping, open innovation and idea campaigns

5. Offer evidence-based and data-backed recommendations and strategic guidance implementing systems solutions for innovation and growth

6. Aligned with global ISO 56000 Innovation Management Standards


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