Employee Spotlight: Eswaran

Written by Anju Kakkar

Eswaran Ardhanareshwaran, LEED GA, CAPM, B.E.

Project Assistant, Humber Research & Innovation

photo of Eswaran with title & humber logo


Humber Research & Innovation is a shared space where we work together and grow together. We have amongst us a team of aspiring young project and research assistants who help us work towards a collective goal. Let us introduce you to  Eswaran Ardhanareshwaran – the Winner of the 2020 Norm Neill Student of the Year Award hosted by the MPI (Meeting Professionals International) Toronto Chapter. We are indeed so proud of your recent achievement Eswaran.


Eswaran is not a novice at winning. He pursued his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from RMK Engineering College, Chennai, India, in 2016; Eswaran shares one key achievement: a group of students fabricated an electrical go-kart race-car, and they went on to win the National Innovation Award ECOKART 2015. Determined to accelerate his future in electrical engineering, Eswaran moved to Dubai in 2016, beginning as a Graduate Engineering Trainee and making his way up to Power Plant Engineer at Emirates Global Aluminium. With a specific interest in developing his project management skills, Eswaran moved to Canada in 2019 to pursue his educational and career goals. He acquired the Post-graduate Diploma – Project Management (Honours) in 2020 from Humber College. In January 2021, Eswaran acquired the LEED® Green Certification, preparing ahead for the construction industry’s growing ‘green’ awareness. Eswaran also holds the CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) from the Project Management Institute and a Six Sigma White Belt Certification, both obtained in 2019.


We asked Eswaran about his journey to Humber Research & Innovation. He informs us that it was thanks to Professor Cheryl Francis-Nurse, Program Coordinator & Professor, Project Management at Humber, who guided him to apply for a position posted on Blackboard in February 2020. We are glad he decided to do so, and Eswaran is assuredly a contributing and eager team player. Eswaran is passionate about giving back and stays involved in several volunteer roles, simultaneously pursuing career growth and fulfilling educational goals.


Eswaran is a Project Assistant assisting the Project Coordinators at Humber Research & Innovation, who are in the process of generating organizational process assets and a repository for the research department, working in cooperation with other research and project assistants. He is enthusiastic about having the opportunity to provide input in building a one-stop dashboard collating research-related information under one umbrella. He has played a significant role in working closely with faculty members at Humber to compile their Canada 103CVs: mandatory documents required during the submission of grant applications.


Eager to get back to a physical work setting, he gleefully shares, “I miss the Humber workspace and Friday popcorns!” Read what Eswaran has to say about his experience with Humber’s Research & Innovation so far:

“The journey is bound to be amazing when you have excellent leaders leading the team. Over the past year, my brand value has significantly increased, and I’ve learnt so much. I have worked with different teams at Humber Research, and all I can say is: ‘Best Teams Ever’. They support individual career growth, and we are given space to think, generate ideas, and discover hidden skills, eventually driving the individual and the team forward. Overall, it has been a fantastic experience and …continuing…!”


2021 is a year of expansion and change, and we are glad to have project assistants like Eswaran as part of our team. He openly proclaims, “I like to be continuously engaged”, and we can deduct that from how far he has come in a short amount of time.


Research is, Eswaran states, “exploring and finding solutions to problems.”


Want to get to know Eswaran just a little bit more? We thought you might:

– He began his journey with Humber in 2019 as a Post-graduate Project Management student

– The next certification he has in mind, Eswaran says, “To complete the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification”

– When he is not at work or studying, he is scheduling calls with friends and catching up

– A favourite book he shares is PMBOK®: A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge

– When online, the most visited platform/site: Twitter


Benefits of LEED® Green Associate Credential:

1. Developed and delivered by highly knowledgeable industry professionals experienced with LEED.

2. Knowledge of various green building concepts such as energy, water efficiency and sustainability.

3. Encourages stakeholders of a project to follow best industry practices to build a sustainable community.

4. The LEED rating system can be applied to any building undergoing construction, renovation, operation, interior design etc.

5. Experience immediate and measurable results by saving energy, water and other resources, ultimately reducing your carbon footprint.


For more information on the LEED certification, check out the Canada Green Building Council website:


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