Esys Automation presents excellence awards to Humber Electromechanical Engineering Technology students

Esys Automation, a Michigan-based automation company, is working with Humber and CTI Director Neal Mohammed to discover and hire talented graduating students from Humber’s Electromechanical Engineering Technology program—they’ve hired 35 graduates of the program over the last eight years.


To encourage students to stay at Humber for the third year of the program, which Esys Vice Presidents Scott Claxton and Kevin Gaines think is invaluable for developing essential industry skills, the company created the Esys Excellence Award, a one thousand dollar prize awarded to the most promising students in the final year of the program. Esys management selects recipients based on the ten best essays and resumes submitted by students earlier in the year.


The Esys team, including Humber alumnus Daniel Sahadeo, visited Humber’s North campus to present the awards to the winning students, to share information about the company, and to give student the opportunity to ask anything about work in their industry. Esys ended their presentation by inviting all of the students who attended to apply for jobs with the company that begin after the students’ graduate in June 2018.


Esys Excellence Awards were given to the following students:

Eric Baumann

Raghdan Binosh

Aaron Burden

Arsalaan Chaudhry

Mateusz Cwalinski

Russell Farrell

Ahmed Hassan

Ognjen Ruzic

Mark Tenuta

David Vanamelsvoort