Esys Excellence Awards

Esys Automation comes to Humber once a year to recruit Electromechanical Engineering students for their Michigan-based company. They recognize that students are faced with many challenges – especially financial challenges – so the company has created a bursary called the “Esys Excellence Awards” to support these students.


Ten students that satisfy the criteria of their application will win a bursary and a chance at employment. The students are required to write an essay on a topic selected by Esys and submit a resume before the summer break, at which time Esys evaluates all of the applicants through an internal process, and chooses ten winners. When the students returned this fall, Esys gave the class a presentation and awarded the winners of the $1000 bursary.

Esys Excellence Awards


Congratulations to all of the winners!


Student winners:

Antanyraja Y. Chettiar

Brett Charles C. Griffin

Daniel Abisso

Daniel F. Passos

Delun Li

Jan Robin D. Serezo

Jerome Owuatuh

Markus J. Laanes

Ryan Persaud

Ryan Zuccolo