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The fitness facilities at Humber are one-of-a-kind. The Physiology/Kinesiology laboratories are fully equipped for high tech assessment of athletic performance and physical health, The labs feature metabolic VO2 carts, treadmills, bikes The Bod Pod, the Qualisys system and much more.


Our new labs features SIX metabolic carts


illustration of new fitness labs


New Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology laboratories are fully equipped for high tech assessment of athletic performance and physical health. The laboratories feature six metabolic carts (both MOXUS and Max-II units) for accurate, breath-by-breath measurement of oxygen consumption, which is commonly known as VO2. Students learn how VO2 assesses energy use, and how it is used with elite athletes, cardiac patients or even assessing the fitness of the everyday person.

Take a look inside our brand new Exercise Prescription Lab 

Students are introduced to exercise and training techniques to prepare for personal training certification (the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology – CPT certification). Lab includes machine and free-weight resistance and cardiovascular training equipment.


Watch the video to see our students in action in the lab.



The “Bod Pod” is an egg-shaped chamber that allows fast, non-invasive but highly accurate measurement of a person’s body fat that goes beyond the comparison of weight to height. Knowing a person’s body fat percentage can tell you about athletic performance, or even how much your weight plays into your risk for cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

Through hands-on experiences students learn how the specific measurements of physical fitness allow Exercise Physiologists, Personal Trainers and Kinesiologists to determine a person’s state of health and level of athletic performance. This information helps determine how to safely optimize training and exercise programming.