Humber Excels in Worldskills Mechatronics Competition

Congratulations Bogdan Malynovskyy and Mateusz Cwalinski who took home a Medallion of Excellence at the 45th WorldSkills Competition and placed fourth in the Mechatronics competition.


The Electromechanical Engineering Technology grads celebrated their achievement at the competition held in Kazan, Russia earlier this week. More than 30 teams competed in the Mechatronics competition and were required to build a system that does not require human intervention to produce or assemble a product.


The competition took up to 21 hours to complete and tested the competitors on time management, professionalism, Industry 4.0, efficiency and data sorting.

Malynovskyy and Cwalinski represented Team Canada along with 15 other students across Canada who competed across various skills areas. Altogether, the competition brings together more than 1,300 young professionals representing over 70 countries and regions who will compete in 56 skills.