Pharmacy Technician Labs

mixing medicine in parmaceudic lab

Dispensing Lab


The dispensing lab introduces students to the basic concepts in dispensing. Students must interpret prescriptions, translate Latin abbreviations, calculate quantities for dispensing, interpret the directions for use and dispense the medication. The lab provides experience in the fundamentals of drug dispensing.


pharmacy student sitting in front of computer making notes

Computer Lab 1 and 2


Using current pharmacy computer software, students practice entering and modifying patient information, prescriber information, select appropriate medications and generate labels and hardcopies for dispensing. Each student works independently. Labs are capped at 12 students and each student has a computer to work on. Blister packaging for long-term care is also practiced.


pharmacy students in training lab

Compounding Lab


In this lab, students gain hands on experience preparing a variety of external and internal pharmaceutical products. Accuracy in measurement using torsion balances, electronic balances, and graduated cylinders is emphasized. Each student is provided with a lab kit containing all the necessary equipment. Students make their own cream product from basic chemicals.


Hospital Dispensing Lab


This hospital dispensing lab introduces the student to the methods of drug distribution in hospitals. Students work with traditional and unit dose methods of distribution. Emergency drug boxes, monitoring fridge temperatures and inventory management are also completed.


Sterile Compounding Lab


The sterile compounding lab trains students in the safe handling and preparation of injectable medications. Students practice their technique in a laminar air flow hood, striving for accuracy and strict adherence to protocol.


Institutional Dispensing Lab


Students are introduced to institutional computer software. Accurate order entry and dispensing are emphasized. Students also use the SinglePointe automated dispensing system.




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