Students invited to participate in AeroPoster Session Event

On March 22, 2017, two teams of Humber students were invited to participate in the Ontario AeroSpace Council’s College AeroPoster Session to showcase their projects and network with professionals in the industry.


Rocket Engine



  • James Atkinson
  • Derick Cheaney
  • Aleksandr Li
  • Nicholas Romano
  • Salah Sosman


  • Peter Wheeler
  • Robert Parsonage

This rocket engine design will incorporate thrust measurement, and fuel temperature control via a solenoid microcontroller controlled valve. 3D printing has disclosed certain design constraints. Continued evolution to a final 3D print will then be translated to a CNC design. Once completed, the prototype will be used for further analysis of different fuel systems and catalytic materials, thrust measurement techniques and thrust control systems.






  •   Bilal Jamous


  •   Yifei Zhao

The project focuses on interactive 360 imaging captured by UAV devices. It is an immersing marketing experience that allows customers to have more interaction with the marketing material. To better understand the interactivity of this project, take a look at the 360 tour.


Congratulations to both teams for getting a chance to showcase their amazing work!