Are you interested in Health Research?

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) supports excellence across all four health research pillars: biomedical, clinical, health systems services, and population health.


CIHR invests approximately $1 billion each year to support health researchLearn about how CIHR’s grants and awards (G&A) expenditures were disbursed in 2019-20.


CIHR comprises 13 Institutes that set research priorities and support a broad spectrum of research in their respective areas. CIHR accepts applications for funding support that fall within its mandate, subject to agency policies and the specific requirements of the applicable funding opportunity.


For more information, please see the list of current funding opportunities.


To apply for funding opportunities at CIHR, you need:

•             A ResearchNet Account

•             A CIHR PIN

•             A CCV Account


Access the guide on how to set up your ResearchNet AccountCIHR PIN and CCV Account through the link below

CIHR How to Guide


Please contact Raeshelle M. Morris, Innovation Program Manager, Research & Innovation, at, if you have any additional questions.