Usability Lab

This Usability Lab was purposefully built to ensure that the environment does not interfere with the testing. Designed with flexibility at its core, it has been equipped with a broad variety of technology, supporting usability testing at many different levels of sophistication. What makes this lab unique is the fact that it is mobile. This one-of-a-kind usability lab can be delivered to those who wish to use and evaluate our designs, as well as their own. Students can participate in and lead experiments that will truly test the designs they have developed, to make sure they work in the manner they have been designed to work.


The lab supports usability studies of any digital media (e.g. websites, mobile, video games, etc.) and is currently expanding to include VR. Partners access the lab through applied research projects with Humber faculty and students; funding needs are determined during project planning.



  • Mobile truck
  • Morae usability software
  • Eye tracking
  • 5 user booths
  • Mobile and wheelchair accessible
  • 360 VR usability testing using Ovo software in a portable system (as of Aug. 2016)