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School of Applied Technology

School of Applied Technology

With programs in design, engineering technologies and skilled trades, students are preparing for careers of the future.

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The Business School

Covering over a dozen business fields, students receive a relevant, hands-on education, giving them the skills they need to succeed.

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School of Creative & Performing Arts

Through hands-on training and mentorship, students will learn practical skills and the discipline needed to gain a career in the arts.

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School of Health Sciences

In state-of-the-art facilities and during field placements, students will train to work across a range of careers in the healthcare field.

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School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism

Students study hospitality, recreation and tourism in innovative programs that focus on nutrition, fitness, exercise science, massage therapy, baking and culinary.

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School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Students can take courses in English, Professional Communications, Languages, Interpreting, Translation, Teaching English and many more disciplines.

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School of Media Studies & Information Technology

Offering a comprehensive mix of Media, Arts and IT programming, students train to be skilled professionals in their chosen field.


School of Social & Community Services

Students train in Fire Services, Criminal Justice and Human Services to make a career serving their community and changing lives.


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Corporate Training Solutions

Corporate clients gain career-focused, customizable training solutions that help them develop a strategic, efficient and competitive workforce.

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Education & Training Solutions

These certificate programs help students get to the next step in their career. Part-time online and in-class courses let students study while they work.

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Transportation Training

Experienced and beginner truck drivers receive in-class lessons and hands-on, in-vehicle training.

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Second Career

This Ontario government program enables laid-off Ontarians to train for a new job in high-demand careers.

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Bridge Training

Internationally-trained professionals who are new to Canada can learn the additional skills and knowledge that Canadian employers are looking for.

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Dual Credit

High school students can increase their educational opportunities while earning a college course credit and a credit towards a secondary school diploma.