2016 Conference Program

Session Rooms (PDF Map Download)

Oct 28, 2016


8:00 AM - 9:00 AM


Location: Fleck Dance Theatre


9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Keynote Address

Fleck Dance Theatre
207 Queens Quay West
3rd Floor, Queen's Quay Terminal

Keynote: Chris Hedges
The Price of Truth in Journalism in a Post-Fact World


Moderator: Paul Corey

10:45 AM - 12:15 PM


1. Myths and Legends:

1) Dr. Riven Barton
Don't Enter the Fairy Ring! Trauma and the Distortion of Time in the Magical Realm

2) Dr. Carla Ionescu
Modern Hercules in Film: The Most Heroic Lie

Location: Loft 1

2. Believing the Survivor:

1) Arpita Mandal
Collective Memories as Sites of Nationalist Discourse

2) Jessica Marsico
It's All in the Name and Weight: Sexual Trauma and the Formal Operational Stage of Development

3) Dr. May Friedman
On Truth, Lies and Jian Ghomeshi

Location: Loft 2

3. Commemorating Memory:

1) Dr. Leigh-Ann Coffey
A Rediscovered Minority: Southern Irish Loyalists and Narratives of the Irish Revolution

2) Dr. Teresa Iacobelli
Creating Memory: Commemoration, Popular Media and Evolving Narratives of the Great War

3) Dr. Laurence Kirkpatrick
Remembering 1916: Protestant and Catholic perspective on the Easter Rising and the Battle of the Somme.

Location: Main Loft

4. Selective Memory, Media, and Telling of Story:

1) Dr. Sarah Foust Vinson
Fact, Fiction, and the Power of Auto-fiction in Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried

2) Brendan Wright
Massacre, Manipulation, and the Construction of Victimhood: The Case of the 1951 Koch'ang Incident

3) Dr. Alena Papayanis
The Renegotiation of America: “Vietnam” in the Gulf War

Location: Studio Theatre

12:15 PM - 1:10 PM


Lakeside Terrace


Lakeside Terrace

1:10 PM - 2:40 PM


5. False Reports:

1) Dr. Alice Rutkowski
“‘Distance Lends Enchantment’: Canonical New Yorkers and Eyewitnessing the New York City Draft Riots"

2) Dr. Manfred Posani Löwenstein
Louvre on fire. History of a False Report

Location: Loft 1

6. Art and Trauma:

1) Dr. Ragne Raceviciute 
“Tied in Knots to the Past”: War and Trauma in Silko and Boyden

2) Alison MacAulay
Commemorating Genocide: History, Memory, and Victimhood in Rwandan Cinema

3) Dr. Kit Ying Lye
Writing the Artistic Testimony: Resisting a Fetishized Remembrance of the Khmer Rouge

Location: Loft 2

7. What is the Duty of Memory?

1) Duygu Gul Kaya
In pursuit of historical truth: Armenian Youth’s Post-memory Work in Diaspora

2) Ani Tatintsyan
To Remember and Demand

3) Waged Jafer
Narratives of Victimhood of a Minority within a minority:
Identity and Inclusion of Shia Muslim Diaspora in British Columbia

Location: Main Loft

8. Personal Truths:

1) Dr. Caroline-Isabelle Caron
"Our True History": The Function of Errors and Invention in Québec and Acadian Genealogies

2) Dr. Blanca Schorcht,
Truth or Lies: (Re)Membering Family Stories

3) Dr. Laura Fasick
When the Truth Isn't Good Enough: Literary Realism and Student Reactions

Location: Studio Theatre

2:50 PM - 4:50 PM


9. Technology and Memory:

1) Adan Jerreat-Poole
Ghostly Playmates: Ludic Memory and Mental Illness in “Playfully Suicidal”

2) Jamie Bamber
Prosthesis, Censorship and Hoax: False Memory and Identity Construction in an Age of Pervasive Media

3) Hans Krauch
The Art of Lie Detection

Location: Loft 1

10. Family History:

1) Dr. James Dyer
'My father, the hero!' The Challenges of Oral Historians whose Sources Refashion their Personal Histories Out of Family Loyalty

2) Johanna Lewis
Inherited Nostalgia: Colonial revisionism and intergenerational meaning-making

3) Pragya Kaul
Jewish refugees and India: Testimonies from family photographs

Location: Loft 2

11. Intolerance and Stereotypes:

1)  Mariah Postlewait
“We Always Lie to Strangers”: Strategies of Subverting and Recasting Identity in the Ozarks

2) Dr. Lindsey Freeman
Atomic Appalachia, or, What I Knew about Oak Ridge before I Was Trying to Know It

3) Mr. Praveen Sewgobind
Demasking Black Pete: Resisting Colonial Amnesia in the Netherlands

4) Ms. Mariia Alekseevskaia
Faith-based schools: truth of religious system and tolerance to Others

Location: Main Loft

12. Truth, Lies, and Sexuality:

1) Christopher Cameron
Chastity, or Not; Non-Events and Anxieties Caused by the Unknowable

2) Dr. Maria Anna Mariani
Primo Levi’s “Bad Nanny” and the Sin of Fiction

3) Dr. Jeannie Zeck
The Power of Memory and Symbol in Annie Proulx's "Brokeback Mountain"

4) Samantha Younan
To Love Thyself: A Proposal for Rereading Speech and Acts within Romeo and Juliet as Masturbatory

Location: Studio Theatre

Oct 29, 2016


8:00 AM - 9:00 AM


Harbourfront Centre Main Building


Harbourfront Centre  Main Building

9:00 AM - 10:30 AM


13. Life Writing and (Auto)biography:

1) Dr. Leah McCormack
"Fraudulence" in Memoir and Fiction

2) Sarah MacDonald
Healing Through Life Writing: Emma Smith’s A Cornish Waif

Location: Loft 1

14. Lies in Fiction and Non-fiction:

1) Grace McCarthy
Functions of Memory in "Richard III"

2) Dr. Maria Granic-White
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who Is the Biggest Liar of All? Or, Memory and Seduction: Reading and Discussing Charlotte Brontë’s

3) Dr. Russell Cobb
The Platypus and the Feast: Truth, Politics, and Metaphors in the Nueva Cronica and the New Journalism

Location: Loft 2

15. Graphic Truth:

1) Emily Leach
“See Better”: Kill Shakespeare, Vision, and Truth

2) Dr. Lesley Thornton-Cronin
A Man's Game?: Representations of Women at War

3) Sabrina Axster
Victim/Survivor/Father/Husband: How Comics Can Capture the Multi-Dimensional Nature of the “Victim”

Location: Main Loft

16. Inventing the Past:

1) Aliide Naylor
A Soviet tyrant rethroned: Stalin's image in contemporary Russia

2) Dr. Shih-chieh (Jay) Su
How Historian Manufactured the Historical Truth: the Case of Leopold von Ranke

3) Dr. Lana Wylie
Selective Memory in the US-Cuba Relationship

Location: Studio Theatre

10:40 AM - 12:10 PM


17. Memory and Historical Traumatic Fiction:

1) Matthew Dunleavy
“A portion of our fellow-creatures may become the subject of property”: Fred D’Aguiar’s Feeding the Ghosts and the Unnatural

2) Mary Hood
Unseeing the Truth: Collective Blindness Towards State Terror in Two Uruguayan Detective Novels

3) Rebecca Anderson
Visual Text in Process & Visual Text as Progress: The Media(tion) of Loss in Dionne Brand’s What We All Long For

Location: Loft 1

18. Truth and Lies in the Narrative:

1) Dr. Jeffrey Weingarten
A “Literary and Human” Past: Rewriting Canadian History

2) Dr. Sarah Roger
Seeking Truth in Fiction: Alberto Manguel and the Distortions of Literature

3) Adriana Pinegar
The Work of the Archive in Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen

Location: Loft 2

19. Truth and Reconciliation:

1) Dr. Lisa Taylor
From Studying History to Pedagogies of Critical Heritage: What kinds of Presents and Futures do we make as we study the Past?

2) Maja Lovrenovic
Knowing and Living the Truth in Contemporary Bosnia and Herzegovina

3) Dr. Marcia Blumberg
Performing Truth and Lies, Exploring Trauma:  Ubu and the Truth Commission

Location: Main Loft

20. Celluloid Memory:

1) Erik Mortensen
Culture, Conflict and Identity in Differing Contexts: Gideon Raff’s Prisoners of War and Homeland

2) Ms. Anne Hart
Intervention in the Archive: The Act of Killing and Manufactured Truth

3) Dr. Bill Scalia
The Flashback That Lied: Ethics, Aesthetics, Memory, and Cinema

Location: Studio Theatre

12:10 PM - 1:00 PM


Lakeside Terrace


Lakeside Terrace

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM



21. Manufacturing Memory:

1) Dr. Camille Isaacs
Memory Written on the Body: The Case of Migrating Traumatic Memory in the Work of David Chariandy and Tessa McWatt

2) Dr. Kristin Hissong
Remembering and Forgetting in Peace-building projects

Location: Loft 1

22. Subjective Realism, Authentic Spaces, and the Meaning of Memory:

1) Dr. Sara Rutkowski
“The Federal Writers’ Project: Truth Meets Fiction in Depression-Era America”

2) Dr. Bev Hogue
Dealing with Debris: Narrative in the Aftermath

3) Dr. Joseph Donica
Revising Vice: Tourism and Vice Districts in New Orleans, Chicago, and New York

Location: Studio Theatre

23. Inventing and Reinventing Truth in Identity:

1) Amanda Rumba
Progressive Nostalgia: Revision and Selective Memory in the Great Awakening

2) Renee Gaarder
Memory and Music: The Reinvention of Charles Ives and Aaron Copland

3) Arpita Mandal
Remembering through Film: Collective Memories as Sites of Nationalist Discourse

Location: Main Loft

2:40 PM - 4:10 PM


24. Plasticity of Memory:

1) Jacob Bermel
“O disquisit book of marginalia”: Uncovering Lisa Robertson's Plastic Poetics in Debbie: An Epic

2) Dr. Brent Oberholtzer
The chemistry of the conversations within organizations

Location: Loft 2

25. Subjective Realism and Ancillary Memory:

1) Dr. Petra Rethmann
Ancillary Memory, or The Production of History in the Face of its Absence

2) Dr. Ann Lazarsfeld-Jensen
The fractured memories of Esther Polianowski

Location: Main Loft

26. Misplacing Memory:

1) Dr. Cezary Galewicz
A Palimpsest of Contesting Memories: Calicut, the pearl of Malabar

2) Wondwosen Seide
Collective Memory over the Nile: Remembering Aswan High Dam and Imagining Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

3) Jo Roberts
Constructing and Disrupting Collective Memory: The Contested Landscapes of Israel

4) Dr. Margherita Sulas
The Removed Story of the Italian Population of Istria and Dalmatia

Location: Studio Theatre



The Pearl Harbourfront (Queen’s Quay)