We are ready to ride

Humber College offers all of the motorcycle rider training to obtain your licence

Info on our two most popular courses the Learn to Ride Motorcycle training courses; (M1 to M2) and your full motorcycle licence course (M2 to M)

Use one of our motorcycles on the “Learn to Ride”course. Learn how to balance, stop, move off under power, change gears and practice effective emergency reaction skills needed to stay safe on the open road. Do your test here at Humber to upgrade your licence and earn your course certificate that the insurance company is looking for.

Upgrading to the full motorcycle licence at Humber is done using your own personal motorcycle. We will work with you to dust off those rusty skills, we’ll cover riding on the highway, riding in both residential and business areas as well as group riding. Add to that hazard awareness, curves and a whole bunch more!

For all of our training classes, register online today with your Visa or Mastercard. We look forward to being your Motorcycle Rider Training partner.

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"Very helpful and patient Instructors. Very effective teachers."
Michelle, Student