Future Residents - How to Apply and What to Expect
Residents - All about your Home at Humber

Live on campus in Residence and find a whole new world! Study hard, play hard, make friends, stay up late and get involved. Humber Residences - your launching pad for discovering what you are all about.


Hello Residents! We are hiring for the front desk team at the North Residence for the upcoming academic year. If... http://t.co/3cgkXy7wl6
Hello Residents! Roommate Selection on the Housing Portal will open up on August 5th - August 17th. Don't miss... http://t.co/xMdhbZJT4f
Hello Future and Returning Residents! A reminder that your first Residence Installment is due today! If you... http://t.co/kiDz50m8Rb
Hello Residents! Are you still looking for a summer job? Will you be a full-time student in the fall? If you are... http://t.co/YU5SxutNfV