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Please note, evening advising services and workshops are available and being delivered virtually. Please book an online appointment at:

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Our services are flexible and designed to provide you with a comprehensive solution to your workforce planning needs. These services include:

Career Coaching

Wouldn't it be great to have your own personal coach to help you navigate your career?

If you are planning a career transition or if you don't know what career you want to pursue and don't know where to start, Career Advancement Service (CAS) could be just for you. Building a career needs to be viewed as a process of managing one's own development, learning and life decisions. In order to begin the process you need to set a career goal that is a good fit for you & your circumstances.

Through our services you can work with a career coach to help you...

  • discover your career interests and skills
  • explore and learn about different occupations
  • make informed educational choices
  • develop a realistic and achievable plan of action

The goals may change over time but to begin the process you must take the first step...

  • skills and interest inventories
  • self-assessment exercises
  • labor market information
  • employer research
  • job search resources

Appointments are available VIRTUALLY only on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

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Resume/Cover Letter Critique

  • Is your resume getting you interviews?
  • Does your resume promote you as a valuable employee?
  • Does your resume position you as a unique candidate and emphasize your professional accomplishments and specific strengths?

If you think you are ready to start sending your resume or cover letter out to employers, let us give it the final approval!

Educational Planning

Learning is attained through both formal and informal processes. Formal courses and programs most often lead to documented evaluation. Informal learning may occur through self-study, conferences, seminars, reading and participating in a variety of activities. Informal learning is often not captured in a structured evaluation process. A coach can help you identify what you currently know and what you may need to reach your desired career goal. The coach will help you navigate and clarify your charted course. Your educational plan will include:

  • targets
  • timelines
  • resources

Your activity can be tracked to help you stay on course and provide support throughout the process.

Educational Planning can include

  • Licenses
  • Certification
  • Workshops
  • Training seminars
  • Self-study units
  • Transcripts
  • Course work
  • Credentials
  • Performance records
  • Correspondence course
  • Resource search

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