Career Advancement Service


I recently completed a certificate course at Humber and therefore decided to utilize Career Advancement Service (CAS). I met Janet DeLeon at the Centre who helped me revamp my resume. Apart from the resume service, she also gave me a list of marketing firms in the Toronto area using the Scott's directory. I had been using Workopolis and Monster and other job boards and my resume kept getting lost amongst the thousands of job seekers flocking to these sites. Using the Scott's directory list, I applied to firms in my area of interest and in just about two weeks I landed my dream job. I recently signed up with a medium sized advertising agency as an Account Coordinator. I wish to thank Janet and the CAS team at Humber for showing me the way to the hidden job market of Toronto. Once again, thank you very much.
Best regards, T. U.

I am writing to you today on behalf of a great coach. As an alumni looking for work, I made an appointment with a career counsellor not knowing what to expect but I figured I had nothing to lose. She has helped me so much with my resume. Not only did she offer me tips in her office, but she followed up with me afterwards and continues to help me make improvements on it till it is perfect. She has also offered to help me network myself to potential employers once my resume is complete. I am impressed that she has presented so much effort to help me. She could have done the bare basics for her job, but she really went above and beyond for me. I really appreciate her help, and I´m so glad you have someone like her helping out people like me.
Thank you, S. M.

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me. You helped see my career goals very clearly and shared strategies that I could use to help me on my career path. I hope that I will be able to contact you when I have the opportunity to be interviewed and to help me firm up my interview skills.
Thanks, B. S.

Good afternoon, I am writing to inform you about some good news. I got the job we discussed! Thank you very much for your help and support in assisting me to find employment and for coaching me to do the right things in my job search. Before I came to the career centre, I submitted my resume to over 300 employers. Unfortunately, I didn't get any positive response from any of the employers. But once you edited my resume, I got three interviews and two job offers. I had to choose from between two positions. Once again, Thank You soooooooooooo much for your help and I would definitely recommend the Career Centre to my friends and people who are looking for a job. I think I would still be searching for a job, if I had not visited the Career Centre.
Thank you so much, A. S...............Humber Alumni

As a graduate of Humber College's Transportation Training Center, I was eager to find a job as soon as possible to apply my new skills as an AZ truck driver. It is essential in this trade especially to find a job quickly to retain the skills obtained from the program. So, I learned about Humber's Career Advancement Service (CAS) Center and e-mailed the Manager, Karen Fast, for an appointment to improve my resume. The same day I received their reply and a mutually agreed time was set to improve my resume with Nelson Chan. The session turned out to be very productive and I ended up with an excellent resume and tons of useful suggestions about resume writing. I was amazed that Nelson knew many specific details about the trucking business and the terminology. Next day, I sent the new resume to the employer and soon received their reply with the appointment details to come for a job interview. I was amazed because I never heard from potential employers before especially when I used my older resume. To tell you the truth, I was sceptical at first about "all this resume business" but I was proven wrong.  As it turned out, a good resume is very important. I was ready for the "battle" and felt very confident about getting the job I had in mind. But it happened that at that time I received a good proposal from another company (miracles do happen) who were willing to take me on with very good terms.  So, I could not resist and decided to give it a try. In the end, I would like to say that I do appreciate the assistance that Humber's Career Advancement Service (CAS) Center provided to me, and specifically the hard work and useful advice by Nelson Chan. Surely, the knowledge I gained thanks to them will stay should I have another chance to go for an interview in the future. Thank you and thank you. You did an excellent job!
Best regards, Slav