PPDR’s mandate is to lead and facilitate processes, implement mechanisms, and moderate discussions that relate to academic quality assurance and enhancement.

The Program Planning Development and Renewal (PPDR) department serves a central administrative function, working closely with all academic areas of the College and other departments to create and sustain innovative, high-calibre programs that prepare students for their careers and further education. PPDR follows a comprehensive Quality Assurance & Continuous Improvement Framework that ensures all policies, procedures and principles support quality in Humber’s postsecondary programming.

PPDR’s work most closely identifies with four key functions:

  • developing innovative programs that meet the current and future needs of the global economy, based on relevant data and academic bench strength
  • reviewing and renewing existing programs that address continuously changing industry needs, on an annual and cyclical basis
  • creating educational pathways that allow students to seamlessly transfer from one credential to another, internally and externally
  • administering program changes


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