Dining Plans

Our dining plans offers convenient and flexible methods of payment at various food outlets and service areas across campus.

Dining Plan Account Management:

Once you’ve activated your dining plan you can access your dining plan information directory through our secure Humber Dining Plan website. You will be able to:

  • Check meal plan balance(s)
  • Review transaction history
  • Deactivate meal card if lost or stolen
  • Add money to meal card by Debit Card, Visa, and/or Mastercard 

Introducing the Humber and University of Guelph-Humber Virtual ONECard 

ONECard is a smartphone application that will be used by students, faculty and staff as their digital identification, digital key and digital wallet solution for campus-wide services. It’s free, easy to use and secure. Visit the ONECard website to learn more about it.  UofGH and Humber students must sign in using your assigned Humber login information.

Residence Dining Plans

Students living in Residence with a mandatory Dining Plan should refer to the Residence and Dining Agreement for additional usage terms and conditions.

Residence Dining Plans


Main Meal Plan Account

Confectionary (Flex) Dollars

Total Cost of Plan

















Bronze: Ideal for residents who commonly eat meals off-campus throughout the week and who intend to leave campus on most weekends, holidays, and reading weeks.

Silver: Ideal for residents who intend to spend a few weekends or reading week on campus and who intend to eat some meals off campus during the week.

Gold: Ideal for residents who intend to stay on campus most weekends and some or all of reading week, and occasionally dine off campus.

Platinum: Ideal for residents who plan to stay on campus all weekends including reading weeks for all meals and occasionally go off campus for meals.


Note: No dining plan is guaranteed to last the entire academic year or semester, as individual needs will vary. Dining plans function on a declining balance, and reduce with each purchase, similar to a bank account.


Meal Plan Account (Non-Tax): This portion is reserved for meal plans. It is tax-exempt and can only be used at Humber College food outlets. Main meal plan dollars cannot be converted to Flex dollars.

Confectionary (Flex) Dollars (Taxable): Flex dollars can be used at all Food Services locations such as Food Emporium, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Lake Cafe and so much more. Flex dollars can even be converted into meal plan dollars if you run out! 

How to purchase your plan:

Residence Dining Plans are incorporated into your Humber Resident & Dining Plan Agreement. 

Online: http://humber.ca/residence/apply-rates

Phone: (416) 675-6622 ext 77201

Email: North: resmail@humber.ca Lakeshore: lakeresmail@humber.ca

Commuter Dining Plans and Reloadable Gift Cards

Students not living in Residence have the option of purchasing a Reloadable Commuter Plans and Staff are able to purchase Reloadable Gift Card to buy food on-campus. Funds from your ONECard account can be transferred to you Commuter Dining Plan account if your balance is low.

Commuter Student Dining Plans

Commuter Student Dining Plans

Reloadable Dining Plan

Bonus Dollars

Commuter Dining Plan

Commuter Reloadable Dining Plan (Taxable)




Reloadable Food Service Gift Cards

Please send your FOAP, and $ reload amount to diningplan@humber.ca along with a photo of your dining plan card number typically located at the bottom or back of your card.

Reloadable Dining Plan

Flex Dollars Account

Staff Reloadable Gift Card (Taxable)

$100.00 - $500.00

Commuter Dining Plan Benefits

There are serveral to having a commuter plan and here are only a few reasons:

  • Not having to prepare meals

  • Convenient hours of operations

  • Cashless

  • Savings when you purchase meals on campus

  • Refundable, see our refund policy for more information

How to purchase a commuter dining plan?

We offer easy online options for clients on our secure Humber Meal Plan website, accepting debit, Visa and/or Mastercard. Simply sign in and enter your Humber credentials to access your account. This will allow you to view the history of your previous purchases and keep track of your up to date balances. 

If you have more questions feel free to email the dining plan office

Check Your Dining Plan Balance

Purchase Dining Plan

Staff Gift Card Purchase Using F.O.A.P

Parents Adding Funds

All you need: 

Student's N# 

Student's Last Name 

Parents do not have access to transaction history, they will only be able to add funds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use my commuter dining plan?

Commuter Dining Plan can be used at any food service location on campus including non Chartwells locations. Please note our dining plans are valid for purchases of food and non-alcoholic beverages only.

Is my commuter dining plan reloadable?

Yes, Commuter Dining Plan is reloadable! You can reload your Dining Plan account online by visiting: mymealplan.humber.ca

Can I carry my Commuter Dining plan forward per semester or year?

Taxable plan do NOT expire, but will be placed on hold at the end of the academic year May 1st to protect your balance while on summer term. Simply reactivate your card at our Dining Plan Office when you return in the Fall semester. Please note a $50.00 administration fee will be charged on all cancellations and refunds requests.

All tax free Commuter Dining Plan funds will expire at the end of each semester/term in which the plan was purchased.

How do I cancel my commuter or Staff and Admin meal plan?

Any funds left on your Commuter Plans will be carried over to the next semester. Bonus dollars are not refundable, they will be applied to your account once you’ve used all of your funds. Applicable to all refunds, a card holder must have a total Dining Plan balance of $75.00 or more to be eligible for a refund, less a $50.00 administration fee and any fees owing to Humber. Please note that if you no longer are a student at Humber College you have 3 months to request a refund.

Taxable Plans will be placed on hold starting May 1st to protect your balance while on summer term. Simply, reactivate your card when you return by visiting the food service office and our staff will be ready to help you. Please note a $50.00 administration free will be charged on all cancellations and refunds. All non-taxable plans are non-refundable as per Humber College policy on voluntary meal plans unless the students is withdrawing from enrollment.

How do I cancel or request a refund of my residence plan?

Requests for cancellations, refunds or carry - forward balances are initiated when residents complete an online Residence Withdrawal Form (prior to March 30th) on the Residence portal.

DINING PLAN REFUNDS Requests for meal plan refunds are initiated when Residents complete the online Residence Withdrawal Form. In order to maintain the tax-exempt status on all Main Meal Accounts, early withdrawals will be prorated such that $70.00 weekly from the Resident’s Main Meal Account is non-refundable, or the amount from the Main Meal Account that has been spent by the Resident, whichever is greater. At the end of the agreement, the first $2150 from all Main Meal Accounts is nonrefundable. Applicable to all refunds, a Resident must have a total Dining Plan balance of $75.00 or more to be eligible for a refund, less a $50.00 administration fee and any fees owing to Humber. Residents who qualify for a Dining Plan refund will receive a credit on their MyHumber account within 8 weeks after the withdrawal form and move out are complete. Dining Plan refunds are issued in the same format as the original payment.

If a student is staying in residence for the summer and is eligible for a Dining Plan refund, but wishes to continue using the refundable balance as an eligible Dining Plan, they must notify the residence by the second week of April in order for their account to remain active after the first week in May. When the student moves out of residence during the summer, the refund process will apply.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

Please report your lost or stolen by email at diningplan@humber.ca as soon as possible or online at: mymealplan.humber.ca

Can I lend my card to a friend or purchase a meal for a friend?

Only the student who purchased the Commuter Dining Plan is entitled to meal purchases using their account.

Tax exemption fine print

Federal and Provincial tax legislation prohibits the use of tax-exempt dining plan funds by individuals who are not qualified to receive these benefits. Only the student who purchased that plan may purchase meals.

Not all purchases qualify for tax exemption in a declining balance program. Specifically, pre-packaged convenience items are non-food items. There is no bulk buying allowed as all plan dollars must be used for the purpose that it is intended.

Contact us

Contact us if you have more questions!

Email: diningplan@humber.ca

Location: LX104

Phone Number: (416) 675- 6622 ext. 75350

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday: 8:00AM – 4:00 PM