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Humber’s CCR is a formal record of student skill development outside of the classroom. It’s an easy way to show you’ve got the school-smarts and real world know-how to make it anywhere.Co-Curricular Record

Benefits of a CCR

Adding your experiences to the CCR can be beneficial to Humber College students.

The CCR:

  • Encourages and recognizes student engagement and involvement outside of the classroom. 

  • Serves as a search tool for student involvement opportunities at Humber College 

  • Helps students articulate the learning that has occurred through the experiences they have had throughout their academic career. 

  • Acts as a record and database of co-curricular experiences for students that they can use and access during and after graduation. 

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Have Your Experiences CCR Certified Today

One key feature of the CCR is that it is built to evolve and grow over time. A request may be submitted via the CCR portal to have an experience added. Log in with your Banner credentials and select the "Add New Experiences" button to get CCR Certified.


How to Manage Student Requests as a Validator