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Photo of Rob Kilfoyle
Rob Kilfoyle
Director, Public Safety and Emergency Management
(416) 675-6622 x4417
NX101H , North
Photo of Rick Follert
Rick Follert
Manager, Public Safety Lakeshore Campus
(416) 675-6622 x3148
D106 , Lakeshore
Peter Ivkovic
Parking and Traffic Coordinator
(416) 675-6622 x5616
Main Parking Kiosk ,
Photo of Nancy Deason
Nancy Deason
Manager, Public Safety North Campus
(416) 675-6622 x4977
NX101D , North
Photo of Michael Freitas
Michael Freitas
Access Control Coordinator
(416) 675-6622 x5787
NX101E , North
Photo of Mary Ann Gregoris
Mary Ann Gregoris
Manager, Emergency Management and Training
(416) 675-6622 x5449
NX101K , North
Photo of Keith Pua
Keith Pua
Public Safety Coordinator, Lakeshore
(416) 675-6622 x3464
M203 , Lakeshore
Jasjeet Bal
Manager, Finance and Administration
(416) 675-6622 x4475
NX101J , North
James Irvine
Manager, Transportation and Parking Services
(416) 675-6622 x5438
NX101M , North
Photo of Ernie Colosimo
Ernie Colosimo
Manager, Security Systems
(416) 675-6622 x4156
NX101F , North
Photo of David Yen
David Yen
Public Safety Coordinator, North Campus
(416) 675-6622 x4197
NX101C , North