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Humber Alerts

"How to register to Humber Alerts"

Please read this detailed step by step registering guide.

"What is Humber Alert?"

Humber Alert is an alert mass notification system provided by Humber College through Blackboard Connect. The purpose of this service is to keep our students, employees, and visitors informed of an emergency situation and instruct them with concise, accurate, timely and well directed messages.

"Who can register for Humber Alert?"

Humber Alert is an open service available for students, employees, and visitors who register through the portal.

"How will I be notified in the event of an emergency?"

Humber Alert will notify all registered users through email, text messages, and phone calls. However users need to have their contact information added in the system in order to receive the notifications. Users may provide up to 10 phone numbers and 10 email addresses to be reached by.

"Where is my data stored?"

Please review our privacy statement, available on our website.

"Why do I receive a text message from Humber Alert every month?"

By law, we are required to send a message every month to remind you that you are subscribed to this service, and how you can unsubscribe. The following message will be sent to all subscribers every month:

UR subscribed to PORTAL: Up to 5 msg/mth. Std msg&data rates apply. Reply STOP PORTAL to cancel. Help?

"How to cancel my SMS subscription?"

Users can cancel their subscription to Humber Alert SMS service at any time by texting STOP PORTAL to 22898.


"Is Continuing Education Parking Free?"

Parking for Continuing Education students is included in their tuition. No additional parking fees will need to be paid to park on campus if entering after 5:00pm.

"Can I use a parking permit from one campus at another campus?"

Yes. Permits from North, Lakeshore & Carrier-Woodbine Downs are valid at the other campus locations.  For North Campus, with it's multiple parking areas, we ask that the driver of the vehicle check in at the Parking Services Kiosk to be directed to a lot that has available space.

"What if I miss the last shuttle bus to Queens Plate?"

The last shuttle leaves North Campus at 9:45pm Monday thru Thrusday, and 7:45pm on Fridays.  After that time please speak to  the Security staff member at the Main Entrance desk and a ride to the lot will be arranged.  The security vehicle will not leave the Queen's Plate lot until the individual is safely in their vehicle and ready to depart. 

"Does Humber have courtesy parking?"

No. For those who need to wait for five minutes or less for their student to arrive we will allow you to “stand” in the first of the lay bays located on Spruce Vista.  (North Campus Map   Lakeshore Campus Map).  Short term disability parking is also available in lot 7 - check in with Security in the drive thru of the parking information kiosk.  (Parking Rates)

"My vehicle won’t start. I need assistance."

"I just got a parking ticket. How do I pay for it?"

"How do I appeal a parking ticket?"

"I have a physical disability and require special parking arrangements. Who do I need to see and what documentation do I need?"

"I am a student, faculty or staff member. How much does it cost to park on campus and where can I park?"

"I am a visitor. Where can I park and how much will it cost?"

Visitors arriving at Humber College have two options for parking depending on the length of their stay. Those with short-term needs should take advantage of our short-term visitor parking lot (Click Here for Parking rates).

Visitors with affairs on campus that will exceed the two hour maximum for short-term parking should utilize the Pay-on-Exit parking system (Click Here for Pay-on-Exit Rates)

"I don’t want to buy a permit. What parking options do I have?"

Students looking to park on campus without a permit will utilize the Pay-on-Exit daily parking system on campus. Click Here for Pay-on-Exit rates

"What options are there if I don’t own a vehicle?"

"Can I get a Parking Refund?"

All parking refunds are pro-rated. If you are refunding your parking permit later than the third day of the month, your refund will pro-rated for the next month.

Refunds for parking permits must be arranged through Parking Services in person. Refunds will only be processed when Parking Services has physically recieved your permit.

To initiate the refund process, email: to schedule a time to stop by the Parking Services Kiosk at the North Campus or M Building at the Lakeshore Campus to submit your parking permit.