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Continuous Professional Learning Portal Guides

How-To Register for a Course

This is an overview of how you, as the Learner can register and purchase a Non-Post-Secondary (NPS) course at Humber College. NPS courses could include Tractor Trailer In-Vehicle Training, Search Engine Optimization, Collaboration and Partnerships etc.

Register for a Course Overview Video

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A short video that walks you, the learner, through a step-by-step of how to register and pay for a Continuous Professional Leaner (CPL) course.

Humber Public Course Catalog

You begin this process on the Humber public course catalog. After finding a desired NPS course, you add it to your cart and click the Checkout option to proceed.

Sign In

Using your Humber login credentials, enter your Username and Password and click the “Sign In” button to access your profile and complete your registration.

If you haven’t already created a Humber account, see our “How-To-Video” on how to create an account.

Payment Confirmation

You will then be presented with a Payment Confirmation page showing the selected course section in your Shopping Cart.

Then continue to Checkout.

Continue Checkout

This “Continue Checkout” option takes you to a Moneris payment page where you will then enter your credit card details and the payment will be processed for your NPS registration.

Please note: your card information is NOT saved by Humber; this is only required for payment processing.


The Receipt page will be displayed showing the details of the transaction and a copy of the receipt will be sent to your email address.

You can review your recent registration(s) via your learner portal under the My Enrolment History option.