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Resources for Guidance Counsellors

At Humber we view Guidance Counsellors as valuable partners in our work informing and recruiting students. To enhance our ability to collaborate we have created this Counsellors page. The Counsellors page is your one-stop destination for information on applications, admission requirements, financial aid, campus tours, student services and much more. There are even online copies of our publications.

Programs, Admissions and Application Information

Humber offers 200+ full-time programs from one to four years duration, 40 fields of study, 30+ degree programs and growing and 6 academic faculties. Admission requirements to Humber’s full-time programs can vary significantly from program to program. It is very important that you check the program page of the specific program you are interested in for admission requirements. To apply to all Humber full-time programs please visit

Student Services

Humber has many resources to help students be successful! Be sure to ask for help, advice and support through any of our counselling and disability services, peer mentoring or tutoring supports. Students can also join us in the Centre for Wellness to improve mind and body health. For a listing of the supports and services that we offer at Humber, please visit

Understanding Credentials

Humber offers a broad range of credentials that will give students the skills they need to stay competitive and resilient in evolving global job markets. Students can choose the credential that complements their previous education and careers goals.

Academic Faculties

Humber’s programs are delivered by six faculties. Each one features state-of-the-art facilities and professors who have extensive real-world experience.