What is Employability Skills Hub?

For students studying at Humber’s International Graduate School (IGS), we are transitioning from the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) to the Employability Skills Hub in January 2024. The Employability Skills Hub will be available to all Humber students in the coming semesters, stay tuned for more information!

The Employability Skills Hub is a tool for IGS learners to build their employability profile. This tool gives students an opportunity to reflect on the skills and competencies they are building through activities on campus at the IGS and through work and life experiences. The tool provides a platform allowing students to articulate to perspective employers the knowledge and skills that they are bringing to the workplace, helping them stand out from the competition and landing the job they want.

If you are an IGS student, you can access the Employability Skills Hub through the MyIGS Portal at https://igs.humber.ca/students.
Your Humber credentials provide you access to both the Employability Skills Hub and the MyIGS Portal, which can be found at https://igs.humber.ca/students.
Questions? Contact us at https://igs.humber.ca/students/questions/.

Who has access to Employability Skills Hub?

In January 2024, students studying at Humber’s International Graduate School (IGS) will have access to the Employability Skills Hub. While IGS students will have access to both the CCR portal, and the Employability Skills Hub, we encourage IGS students to use the new Employability Skills Hub.

Why are we transitioning to the Employability Skills Hub?

A key priority for Humber is personalizing the learning experience for students to meet their short and long-term goals. The new platform enables students to customize their skill development and learning based on their interests and career goals. It focuses on the skills and mindsets most in demand by employers, supporting students in creating a profile that showcases their unique abilities and how to communicate their skills effectively in the market. Featuring a skills dashboard, it allows students to track their progress in real-time and provides flexibility to incorporate experiences from inside and outside the classroom.

This platform allows students to add experiences from within and outside of the curriculum at Humber and beyond.
The Employability Skills Hub continues to be carefully designed by students, faculty and student affairs professionals to add additional features and refinement.

Still have questions?

For questions regarding the Employability Skills Hub, please get in touch with the Humber IGS Team at https://igs.humber.ca/students/questions/

If you are not an IGS student and do not have access to the above link, please contact tanaka.nyoni@humber.ca for more information.