What is GHworks?

Beginning in Fall 2024, University of Guelph-Humber (UofGH) students will access their CCR through the GHworks platform.

GHworks is your comprehensive online portal dedicated to supporting your career journey at Guelph-Humber. Designed for both current students and alumni, GHworks offers a range of resources and opportunities to enhance your professional development.

Within GHworks, you can seamlessly navigate through job postings, field placements, and experiential opportunities tailored to your needs. Whether you're seeking part-time employment, field placement/internships, or full-time positions, our platform provides diverse opportunities to explore.

Additionally, GHworks allows you to track and manage your experiences, both within and outside the classroom. From extracurricular activities to volunteer work and internships, you can document your achievements and contributions starting in Fall 2024, showcasing your skills and abilities to potential employers.

Who has access to GHworks?

All UofGH students already have access to GHworks. Beginning In fall 2024, UofGH students will be able to access to the new CCR portal on GHworks. As of May 1, 2024, UofGH students will no longer have access to the Humber CCR portal. It is strongly encouraged for any UofGH students to download their up-to-date CCR record by April 30, 2024.

Why are we transitioning to GHworks?

UofGH is focused on creating an efficient and user-friendly CCR experience for students. Moving the UofGH CCR portal to GHworks will capture all experiential learning opportunities on the same platform. Students will be able to review job postings, submit and track field placement documents, and report on their co-curricular activities all on one platform using their UofGH credentials. 

Still have questions?

For questions regarding the CCR portal transition to GHworks, please get in touch with the University of Guelph-Humber Student Life Team here: ccr@guelphhumber.ca